So the mission of™ is to help you find the best foreclosed properties and homebuying opportunities in any location of your choice in the Golden State. With experienced local realtors and other real estate professionals to make the entire process easy, economical, enjoyable.

Because™ is all about service. You get up-to-date foreclosure listings and a statewide network of knowledgeable realtors who put property sellers and value-conscious buyers together.

You also get a $500 Rebate check for the property you purchase within 15 days after close of escrow, or $250 on properties below $100,000. Best of all, the valuable services of realtors at™ are all paid by the sellers at NO CHARGE to you. So why spend your valuable time searching the Web or newspapers for foreclosed properties when™ realtors will find them for you – all free of charge.

And since each realtor at™ lives in the area they serve, they really know the location you’re interested in. All the recreational resources, best nearby shopping, quality schools, restaurants, employment centers and more.

In fact, many MLS pre-foreclosure properties are outstanding values that only an experienced realtor right in that area would know about. So take advantage of this in-depth market knowledge and foreclosure expertise today.

Click on the Get Started tab now and put the statewide network and negotiating skills of™ to work for you.
California Foreclosures Rebate
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